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50 Legs - For those in need, this organization provides prosthesis in conjunction with Prosthetic Orthotic Associates of Orlando, FL. 

ABATE - ABATE is located in your state and your membership helps these folks fight for motorcycle rights plus member benefits that have really helped me.

Amputee Coalition of America (FB) - This is an amazing company that provides assistance and support for all types of amputees. This group truly helped (and still helps) with all my questions about amputeeism. Amputee Coalition Website

Bean're - Motorcycle nomad, Motorcycle World Adventurer - Friend!

Ben's Run and Roll - This foundation helps kids of all ages to enjoy life and compete in sporting events despite their physical and mental challenges. I am proud to have them as one of my website clients. 

Big Bikes Helping Little Tykes - This organization helps children with cancer and leukemia attend summer camp at One Step at a Time.

Big Tony's Chopp Shop - American made custom motorcycles and show bikes you can ride. These folks have followed me on social media providing encouragement and smiles.

Biker Paparazzi - The guy that runs this fun site was kind enough to share my story and photos over the big pond. Bikers from around the world... really cool stuff. 

Biker Geo - This is a Facebook and smartphone app for all sorts of motorcycle related topics. 

C. H. Martin Co., Prosthetics and Orthotics - This was the second company and current company that provides my prosthetics and orthotics. Erik ROCKS!!! 

Cool Rider Gear - I met these folks and got my first cooling bandanas and towel at a bike rally. Since then I have built their website and manage their social media campaigns. Bill and Joan have truly become friends and wonderful supporters that encourage me constantly.

Dynamic Professional Women's Network (DPWN) - My riding friend and professional collaborative partner created this amazing networking association for women business owners. 

Fox Creek Leather - I got my chaps and jacket 3 years before meeting the folks at FCL and I am a huge fan of their American made leather products. I got the chance to stay with FCL for a full week during the original B.R.O.A.D. (TM) journey because I got held up there due to crazy-hazardous storms. Customer turned Friend - I love my life.

Hope and Friendship Foundation - This organization is dedicated to help the residents of Lemont, IL (my town) and beyond in all areas of need for all ages.

Left Side Story Committee - This right arm, right leg amputee races motorcycles and teaches others to do the same. - This is an amazing app that continues to grow. There are categorized ride routes, locations of biker friendly retail, eateries, lodging, and much more. Totally love this app and they are developing a "track your own route" feature; then we can upload our routes to the app. Dennis has been a long time follower on social media and once we finally met, it was a friendship sure to last a lifetime.

Nailmaille Art Jewelry - I got my Trinity bracelet at a bike show quite some years ago and have since been honored that they sponsored my dream. Nailmaille is a constant supporter and I cherish the friendship that has grown from this partnership. Friendship - HA - More like family.

One Step At A Time - This organization provides activities for kids with cancer so they enjoy life while still getting the medical help they need. I've done the Big Bikes for Little Tykes run many time in IL that supports this program; it's always fun to help terminal children smile. 

Prosthetics & Orthotics Associates - Stan Patterson founded POA and later partnered with Their partnership is how I was able to get my first 2 prosthetics. Through a friend I learned of 50Legs and being that they partner with POA; I just happened to fall into the Exceptional hands of these amazing folks. 

Sweets by Shayla - I started to receive treats in my saddle bags from Shayla via her husband when we would ride. She works a lot of weekends as a sweets caterer and my treats were always a joy. During recovery, during my settlement in NC, and even while back in IL; this amazing woman continues to spoil me.

The Toffee Guy - Apparently I met The Toffee Guy in 2014 at a gathering in IL. Considering the number of people I meet, sadly I stink at remembering names. I met him again in 2016 when I returned to IL and embarrassingly, I called him the wrong name. Well, considering I've been dating him since ~ I guess I won't forget his name this time. He's an amazing confectioner and all-around awesome human being. His toffee is addictive and I've been blessed to have the honor of building his website and helping his business grow. 

Tour on Two, Inc. - My buddy owns a great motorcycle touring company and he sets up tours all over the country including lodging, food, and entertainment. Bill is not only a friend but a great tour guide. He was instrumental in the 2nd Leg Memorial Run when we toured through MN and my crash site. 

Toys For Tots - This nationwide organization collects toys year round that are given, particularly at Christmas, to children in need.

Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum - I met owner Dale on the original journey. He talks to everybody and will tell you anything about any motorcycle in his museum. After hearing of my crash, he sent me an inspiring book and card of well wishes. I have returned to visit WTT and Dale several times since. Not only is this a must-do attraction for motorcycle lovers; but Dale is a must-meet dude.

Women Riders Motorcycle Group - My friend Ellie started this group and it has chapters in all regions of the USA.

World of Soul & Riders United to Serve Humanity - This organization joins many resources to bring motorcyclists all sorts of discounts and benefits around the United States. Terry is a terrific dude with a great vision to unite humanity without prejudice. He's a great human-being and friend.

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